I cant take it anymore
All the screaming and yelling
That pierces me ears every night.
It taunts me and kills me inside.
I don’t ever know what to do anymore
if i cry, i m weak
if i cut i m a coward
And if i want to die i m crazy
When i try to talk to people they honestly never understand that they are ripping me apart from the inside out
making me dead inside
i don’t know how to handle things
its probably my greatest fault
I can read emotions better than anyone
But i never know how to react to the feelings i see
i end up hurting others in this way and ill be the first to admit
i beat myself up for it
i never know when i need to push farther or if i m just pushing my boundaries
I hope people realize that the words that are coming to me right now are directly from my heart
I see this as a way to vent out the phrases I could never tell the people themselves
I miss you
I wish you would care more about me
that even though i tell you to stop asking questions i still want you to care
I always just needed you to tell me you care
These are all but a few and I m so sorry i could never let them out
I m scared
in the end aren’t we all though
but i guess at this point i m just making excuses
i want to somehow tell you
without actually coming right out and declaring it
i care about all of you.
Even if i m too cowardly to say it…..