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Mathematics gets down to work in these talks, breathing life and logic into everyday problems. Prepare for math puzzlers both solved and unsolvable, and even some still waiting for solutions.

Ron Eglash: The fractals at the heart of African designs
When Ron Eglash first saw an aerial photo of an African village, he couldn’t rest until he knew — were the fractals in the layout of the village a coincidence, or were the forces of mathematics and culture colliding in unexpected ways? Here, he tells of his travels around the continent in search of an answer.

How big is infinity?
There are more whole numbers than there are even numbers … right? Actually, there aren’t. This TED-Ed talk makes it crystal clear why not, in a lesson on the infinite infinities and math’s unanswerable questions.

Arthur Benjamin does “Mathemagic”
A whole team of calculators is no match for Arthur Benjamin…

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I cant take it anymore
All the screaming and yelling
That pierces me ears every night.
It taunts me and kills me inside.
I don’t ever know what to do anymore
if i cry, i m weak
if i cut i m a coward
And if i want to die i m crazy
When i try to talk to people they honestly never understand that they are ripping me apart from the inside out
making me dead inside
i don’t know how to handle things
its probably my greatest fault
I can read emotions better than anyone
But i never know how to react to the feelings i see
i end up hurting others in this way and ill be the first to admit
i beat myself up for it
i never know when i need to push farther or if i m just pushing my boundaries
I hope people realize that the words that are coming to me right now are directly from my heart
I see this as a way to vent out the phrases I could never tell the people themselves
I miss you
I wish you would care more about me
that even though i tell you to stop asking questions i still want you to care
I always just needed you to tell me you care
These are all but a few and I m so sorry i could never let them out
I m scared
in the end aren’t we all though
but i guess at this point i m just making excuses
i want to somehow tell you
without actually coming right out and declaring it
i care about all of you.
Even if i m too cowardly to say it…..